Ice Cream Club




Enjoy a full pint of each of three limited edition seasonal flavors each month. The premium flavors included in this package are sure to please your palette with unique combinations featuring seasonal flavors. You won’t know where to begin and when to stop each month’s tasting adventure as you dig into the finest of flavors. This option is perfect for ice cream lovers, couples, families or to buy and use as gifts for friends or hosts throughout the holidays.

The deluxe sampler includes a total of 9 pints with a value of $120. First order will be packaged in a reusable Rachel’s Handmade Ice Cream insulated tote.



Treat yourself to a pint of a classic flavor each month with the bonus of a three single servings of limited seasonal flavors. This is a great option for those who enjoy classic flavors, but are curious about tasting creative flavors. This Classic Sampler is just the right amount for one person to savor, but is also a great option to share with a friend or lover who can join for monthly tastings.

The classic sampler includes a total of 3 pints and 9 individual servings with a total value of $70. First order will be packaged in a reusable Rachel’s Handmade Ice Cream insulated tote.



You will be receiving only the best premium flavors. Each order will contain seasonal and themed pairings as well as one ice cream club exclusive flavor.



Ice cream orders will be made available by the second weekend of each month. Club members will receive a lovely email announcing when orders are ready with a sneak peek of each flavor. It will be the best email you’ll get all month! Orders may be picked up from Bleak House Coffee-612 Adams Toledo, Ohio.

All ice cream memberships must be paid in full in advance. An invoice will be sent via email within 48 hours.

Certificates are available to present as gifts. Just leave a request in the comment section and we will be sure to get one to you.